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The Best Record Player For Your Listening Satisfaction

April 27th, 2015

vinyl and coffeeIn my previous post, I mentioned something about a vinyl record. To the uninitiated, vinyl records are flat discs with music stored in them. They are like CDs but are much larger. Vinyls are an old way of recording music, but lately, the format has been experiencing a very strong resurgence. Even indie albums have sold a lot of copies in the recently held Record Store Day.

If you also want to listen to vinyl records, you will have to get a good record player first. Head over to Random Life Music for the best record player or turntable — reviews of under $100 brands and models are provided there for you to choose from. And to help you make that choice (without regretting it later), below are a couple of tips and pointers about the things you should consider carefully.

Buying a Record Player: The Things to Consider

What kind of records will you play on it?

According to audio experts of popular turntable brands, there are three kinds of records, namely 78s, 45s and 33 1/3s. I know, those names kind of look too mathematical. But in layman’s terms, the names actually just refer to the time it takes them to spin. Most modern record players can play all three, but some can not. Hence, it’s always wise to double check the manual and try an actual record.

What features are most important for you?

Not much has changed with the technology used in the main mechanisms of record players. Outside of motor tweaks and new materials for parts, no fancy improvements were made to how turntables do their main function.

Instead, the most significant improvements to record players are the add-on features. Nowadays, most turntables’ features include the capability to connect to USB devices. This enables owners to convert their vinyl stash to MP3 files to preserve them (records actually get damaged when played!). Aside from USB compatibility, some turntables have a CD player, a casette deck and even AM/FM radio. While these are nice icings on the cake, they could distract you from the most important features, so know your priorities.

Which design is best for you?

Some turntables are designed with an integrated amplifier and speakers. On the other hand, others are designed as such that you need to plug in external speakers to use them. External speakers can be as large as you want and they will always sound better than their integrated counterparts. However, if you’re an audiophile on the go, integrated speakers are obviously best suited for you.

Bonus Tip: Maintaining Your New Record Player

Most players nowadays are easy to take care of. That said, it doesn’t mean that you absolutely don’t need to do anything to maintain it. It is recommended that you get a player care kit and to regularly remove dust from the needle by using a soft brush. You might also have to eventually replace the needle, but doing so is easy and straightforward.

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