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About Miss Leslie

Well, hello there and welcome to my blog. I’m a music teacher and most of my students call me Miss Leslie.

I’ve been making music practically since birth. I started singing as soon as I could talk. I made my debut singing Jesus Loves Me in church when I was 2 years old (according to my mom – I really don’t remember!). I began piano lessons at age 8, and since that time I have:

  • Earned a Bachelor of Science in Music Education and Elementary Education
  • Earned a Master of Arts in Music Education
  • Taught elementary general music, band, and choir in public school
  • Got certified as a Musikgarten instructor
  • Taught private piano, violin, guitar, and voice and early childhood music classes in my studio

I believe that music is for everyone, not just the “talented.” I have also come to believe that the earlier children have musical experience in their lives, the more they will be able to understand and make music later in their lives.


Two of the most important advocates for early childhood music, Zoltan Kodaly of Hungary and Shinichi Suzuki of Japan, believed that children learn music in the same way they learn language — from their native culture. Their programs rely heavily on traditional folk songs. I am a huge fan of folk songs as well, because they are made for singing.

I am concerned, though, that many countries are losing their folk song heritage as we move into an increasingly technological age. People don’t sing together like they used to. The music in textbooks is sometimes downright awful, and it is difficult for teachers to teach very much to their students in the 20-30 minutes per week that they are allotted. Some may consider these songs outdated, yet I have seen over and over in public school and private practice how children respond to folk music. They love it.

It is my goal to help as many people as I can to learn to incorporate music in their lives, not just as passive listeners but as active participants. I hope the articles and videos you find here will help you to do just that.

Thank you for visiting my blog, and I hope you will come back often.

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